The Negative affects of the media on teens


The teenage have confounded parents for generations. Nowadays, with the lives of most teenagers so heavily enmeshed in social media, it’s simply harder for the parents to know what’s truly going on over the screens. Social media can requite voice to the voiceless, and aid learning, and help people. Yet social media can moreover have a range of negative impact or effects on teenagers, which include:

1.Privacy & Reputation
Even when social media users have their finance set to private ends, yet their privacy on social media is virtually non-existent. Any content posted in a social media can be re-posted and subsequently viewed by third parties. Social media lacks proper privacy, which leads to problems for young users. Social media on teens is as if as that can give only the Negative Impact on them.

2.Body Image & Self-Esteem
Today’s teenagers are exposed to images and statuses that portray perfection. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have a tendency to showcase idealized body-types through images that have been cosmetically altered, and therefore set unrealistic and unattainable standards for younger children or teenagers and resultantly these persons are undergoing uncontrollable change which still can be negative.

Photos of models with flawless complexions can make teens finger all the increasingly insecure methods to get or have hormonal skin, and resultantly overtly aimed tries are made which tries for sure can be detrimental indeed in real life rather. Research shows that ongoing exposure to unrealistic standards through social media can stupefy the teenagers’ perception of their own bodies. These perceptions can negatively stupefy a teenager’s physical and mental health.Acne became a strong hook for my self-esteem and personal life. Sometimes, I even thought of ending my life so unbearable it was. I tried to hide my face and avoid other people. My life was a mess then. Now I’m taking Accutane, and it seems that my face has never been cleaner. The inflammation is gone, and the skin has become much smoother. Still waiting for more.

3.Sexual Behavior
One of the negative effects of social media on teens is that sexually suggestive or explicit content is prevalent throughout numerous social networking sites. Exposure to sexual content that portrays unrealistic or harmful sexual behaviors can negatively influence teenagers who are only just now as up to be developing their sexual identities. This can result in them having unreasonable expectations of sexual norms, experiencing difficulty in forming healthy sexual relationships or developing risky sexual behaviors. Thus social media on teens provides a Negative Impact on them and it makes them become sexually misled rather.

Using social media can profoundly disrupt sleep patterns by compelling teens to stay up late or stay awake throughout the night towards all the social media’s notifications. Research indicates that teenagers require 8-10 hours of sleep and that not getting such sleep can stupefy their health in the following ways: that they face the following:

1.Difficulty in learning and concentrating
2.Feeling stressed or anxious
3.Becoming irritable
4.Health issues such as acne and viral illnesses
5.Unhealthy eating and weight gain

5.Social Skills
Developing social skills help teenagers to establish and maintain friendships. Due to the fact that teenagers and children spend a lot of time interacting over social media sites and apps, many of them are establishing social interaction skills. While, of course, social media thus can help to nurture and strengthen existing relationships, it’s integral that teenagers moreover learn how to have bad relationships too very easily. Thus with adolescents now spending increasing time online and less time interacting with people in the real world, they risk not only struggling to develop constructive social skills but moreover they are predisposing themselves to mental health problems.

Thus Social media on teens is as cardinally composed of Negative Impact. Social media on teens certainly with its Negative Impact makes the teens go the wrong way. Social media on teens and the Negative Impact are both as together as cannot be separated. Though Social media on teens provides all a very good style, culture, system modern, yet it provides a great many Negative Impacts. Social media on teens and the resultant Negative Impact are to be hence thought so much and the plans should be accordingly designed to elude the teens off from the social media. Social media thus is very detrimental to the health of the teenagers.

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