Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity


For centuries literature has been the subject for the elite class. It is apt for the comprehension and the enjoyment for the literate group of the society. Literature is the form of essay writing to encourage people with all things good and bad. Literature is meant for the class of the educated people. Literature form of essay writing is not the right dose for the working class. In fact, the labor class does not have the time and the opportunity to deal with something creative and perfect. They are not interested in the literary study, as they don’t have the time and the opportunity.

Literature for Leisure
For people who work hard essay writing or dealing with literature is more than leisure. They first have to feed their stomach and then they can take interest in other things in life. Most people do not get the option to sit at the fireside with a cup of beverage and enjoy the classiness of literature. In fact, it is great experience to enjoy the sort of essay writing by spending hours introspecting and reading the literary genius. In fact, people who have the passion for literature can indeed make it interesting till the end. Literature is just like a journey in life where you come across the beautiful episodes and the rest to make people learn and love at the same time.

Fiction is Necessity
On the other hand, fiction is another name to necessity. Fiction is the most popular genre of essay writing where you can make use of active imagination.  Fiction is the sort of essay writing to help in adding color to life. In fiction one can give liberty to fiction and fancies and try witness things with the best of fulfillment.

Fiction Sets the Level of Satisfaction
Fiction help in the process of self fulfillment and it sets the level of satisfaction. Fiction is the door opener for the action lovers. One can comprehend fiction more naturally and readily with the best of comfort. This is the sort of essay writing liked and preferred by the mass. Fiction is easily available form of essay writing, and you don’t need to spend time searching for them in libraries. In fact, this is available widely for the satisfaction of the mass readers. Fiction makes you happy when you read. It lulls you to think and remake thoughts.

Fiction Creates the Balance
To repeat, fiction is truly the necessity of life. Life is full of hassles and troubles. To get rid of the same you need to read fiction in order to re balance life. This is the grade of essay writing to help you feel relaxed every now and then. When you read fiction there is a tussle as to what you have gained in life and what you indeed desire to have. In fact, fiction is the form of essay writing that helps in maintaining the sacredness and wisdom in life. It is the dose of perfect entertainment to let you live life to the fullest.

Literature is not for the Mass
Literary essay writing creates the kind of intellectual inclination and the pursuit. Literature is not meant for the mass in the real sense. The masses are happy waving their personal fictions, and they are happy with the tapestry in order to derive pleasure and get the best form of joy in sequence. There is the philosophical class who believe in the form of essay writing to help enrich thoughts and ideas. People have the mind to study literature with perfection to gain the sort of classicism in both thought and belief.

Literature is the Ladder for Thought Process
There is no class for the vulgar publications. Literature is the exaggeration of the thought process. The sort of essay writing is perfect in influencing you to create things for entertainment. The class of composition will always exist. It is the way of life in reality. Literature helps in influencing the mass. You have the literature in form of daily conversation. This is known as dialogue delivery. Literature is the category of essay writing to teach you to be the fine orator. It is the kind of sublime architecture to help in creating and recreating thoughts with the best of might.

Literature can be Conversational
People in reality should have the conversational side. They should have houses and they must live with the stories. This is how the sort of essay writing can build generations. Literature is the form of art with no specific rules. It has no specific form or shape. A literature can be a story narrated by a story teller. It can be a specific essay writing format with the sort of creative opulence. Literature can be a biography or the tales told by grannies.

Literature is Drama
A drama can be literature itself. It is essay writing in the true sense. Literature is the art form where one person interacts with the other maintaining a perfect literary style. With the form of essay writing you can capture the hearts of the millions. Literature is logic and it is the imperative form of art to help people resemble with life. It is the depth formed by the Creator where you can explore and experience with complete enthusiasm. The style in literature matters. It is where you can speak out your heart at the best.

Literature Sees to the Cultural Aspect
Literature can influence the culture of man. One cannot spoon feed literature. It is a creation of the heart and the mind. Literature is there for you when you need it the most. When you are happy you can sit and comprehend the form of essay writing. When you are depressed literature is there to guide and help you. This is the art form to help you be the narrator and the orator at the same time. It is the kind of essay writing all pervasive. Literature helps you to be literate in the real sense.

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