Operation and Project Management Assignment 2


Operations and Project Management

Assignment 2 Briefing (60%)

Project Plan Presentation

Assessment Title Individual Project Plan
Unit Title Project and Operations Management
Unit Code SHR039-6

Description of Assessment Task

You will produce a project plan for a suitable project for your work-place. If there is not much scope of developing a project plan in relation to your work-place, you must agree a project title of your choice and scope with your tutor. The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques studied and discussed in the class. You will need to submit the project plan (maximum 2,000 words, apart from the relevant appendices that you are required to illustrate!) with clear indication of your contributions.

List of projects to be considered (only examples:

Educating/training business executives on the use of  ‘decision making systems’ software.

Relocating a manufacturing facility of automobile company from the India to Oman

Organising a blood donation camp in Luton

Launching of any new product in the market

Develop a new educational board-game for new skills (example supply chain management and logistics management)

Create a fund raising event for a renowned charity

You should include the following:
  •   Project Introduction and Objectives
  •   Project team and their roles;
  •   Project stages and key deliverables
  •   Project time management   (Work Breakdown Structure;
Activity List; Gantt Chart in MS Project; Network Diagram
and Critical Path)
Budget (cost)
Quality Plan.
Risk Log/Register;
Unit Learning Outcomes Demonstrate an in depth knowledge and systematic understanding of
assessed: project management theory and tools linked to the planning of
Select and apply appropriate project management tools and
techniques for the purpose of effective planning of projects.
Format MS Word & MS Project
Resources/Support Available Class discussion to clarify Assignment;
In-class review
Unit resources on BREO;
Assessment Criteria See assessment criteria marking grid for assessment-2, overleaf.
Details of how feedback will 2Q and feedback given on-line through Turn-It-In and marked
be provided assessment criteria marking grid.
Referral Assignment Your referral assignment will require you to produce a project plan
based on another project (discussed and confirmed by your tutor).


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