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What is big data?

Big data is the collection of large volumes of data or complex data. In order to understand what is big data. We must know the meaning of data. Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. There are some characters, symbols or alphabets on which various operations have to perform by the system. These characters or symbols or alphabets be carried or transferred in the form of an electrical signal from one device to another. These data sometimes be stored in the form of a magnetic signal, an optical signal, and a mechanical signal.

Big data is also a part of data but the size of big data is huge. Big data is the collection of data that huge in size. These data multiples itself exponentially over a period of time. In simple words, the data is very big and complex that no traditional tools are able to manage these complex data. No traditional tools are available to store or process this complex data efficiently.

Examples of big data

There are some real-life examples of big data. It is very necessary to understand this term before writing any assignment on this topic. The better understanding comes from the real-life examples. So here is a list of some examples to make you understand the concept of big data.

1. The stock exchange of every country produces a large volume of data every day. For instance, the New York stock exchange generates around 1 terabyte of data every day. So this is very necessary for all students to understand the concept of big data.

2. Another real-life example of big data is social media. This is very easy and all students can understand the concept of big data with the help of this example. Each student in this universe use social media for some purpose, either for the fun purpose or for the educational purpose. A study shows that more than 500 terabytes of data generated by the social media every day. This data is generated from the main pictures, images, and videos uploaded by the people, messages exchanged, comments on the images and videos generate so much data. People don’t know where this data gets stored but they just generate the data without knowing the fact.

3. There are so many flights that generate data. A single flight generates more than 10 terabytes of data within 30 minutes of time. And with thousands of flights that take off in a day, generates how much data, you can make an estimate about. This data reaches up to many petabytes.

Types of big data

Now we all know the meaning of data and big data and got the meaning of its concept, why it is used and for what purpose. The main thing is the types of big data. Big data is of 3 types. The very first is structured big data, unstructured big data, and semi-structured big data.

1. Structured big data

This is a type of data that can be stored, accessed or processed in the manner of filed format. This data is known as structured data. The data should be organized in a good manner and in a good format. The technology is changing every day and the latest technology makes it possible to structure the data in a format. Students can derive the data according to their choice and need.The size of the files is stored in the zettabytes. Some issues are facing in recovering the data because of the big figures. There are some challenges that one has to face in retrieving and processing the data. A table of any kind that is maintained in a good structure is the best example of structured data. Various tables are there is a bog organization and this table contains all the information regarding the employees working in the organization.

2. Unstructured big data

Any data that is known and the format of the files are not known to anyone. This is classified as unstructured data. Furthermore, the size of data is huge and this type of data gives more challenges and issues in processing and storing and differing the value out of it. Heterogeneous data is a mixture of data of different types. The data can be images, videos, pictures, and many other forms. These data are mixed and stored in one place. So heterogeneous type of data is also known as unstructured data. In almost all the organizations have big data and complex data but unfortunately the companies don’t know how to derive the values out of it. The data is stored in the raw facts and unstructured format that is why the organizations are unable to get the value.

3. Semi-structured big data

This type of data stored both data, structured data and unstructured data. We can see semi-structured data as the collection of both structured and unstructured data.

Advantages of big data

1. The big data has the ability to process big data into multiple smaller files.

2. The big data also helps in utilizing the data from social media into search engines and various other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

3. It helped in providing the best customer services.

4. It helped in providing better operational efficiency

5. It helped in finding the risks to any products or services earlier.

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