Tips To Tackle The Challenges Faced During Academic Writing


Whatever course you are pursuing, you have to produce various subjects’ assignments and completing these assignments is very necessary. Otherwise, you will end up getting low grades. Most of the students face challenges in writing skills. As their writing skills are not up to mark. The academic assignment needs perfect English with all the basic grammar rules. There are some writing challenges for students that they don’t know where to start from and where to end.

Here is a list of the most common problems in academic writing and how to tackle these academic writing assignments that every student has to face.

1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the most serious issue that every student commits. Most of the teachers or professors don’t accept this mistake. Universities or colleges take strict action against students who use plagiarized information. It is a serious academic offense. In some cases, teachers or professors even expel students from the college. Sometimes, students commit this mistake unintentionally. This is the most serious challenge that students are facing while writing academic writing.

How to overcome this plagiarism issue:

When you are researching any topic then you need to maintain proper notes what you are citing from which source and you should change the content late while using this information in your writing. Always use your own language while making notes from any source. Don’t try to copy-paste the pictures, images, or videos from the source. If you want to write a quotation then put these quotations in the quotation mark and make it clear where you copy this. Don’t use many quotes in the work document because you need to communicate your idea and thoughts through this assignment. It is very necessary for you to read the question properly. Otherwise, you will get very low grades. First, read the question and understand the requirements of your professor or teacher then only start writing the answer after getting a proper understanding of the question. Make sure to use the proper referencing style asked by your teacher or professor. If you will not use the referencing asked then it will lead to various discrepancies. After writing the work document, use any online plagiarism checker tool to confirm that your work document should be plagiarism-free.

2. Research skills

Sometimes students feel daunted by the thinking of research because every assignment needs good research. There are innumerable sources available for any topic. It is mandatory to find a legitimate and legal source in order to complete the paper. Most of the students don’t what to research, how to research, which sources should refer, and many more. It becomes a challenging part for the students to get one credible and reliable source.

How to tackle this issue?

First, you need to start reading your course. Professors or teachers set the assignment in such a way that you have to relate all the points with the syllabus. If you read your books and sources then you will get the idea and concept of the assigned topic. There are some sources, textbooks and any other source that might be referred by your teacher then start reading these sources and make important notes from the referred sources. You need to learn about reliable and unreliable sources. If you will be able to make the difference properly then you are on the right track. If you still in doubt or confused then you can take online assignment help from assignment writers. These writers are very much trusted and reliable and will help you in finding the original sources.

3. Strong introduction and conclusion

Most of the students don’t know what to write in the introduction part and how many words should write in the introduction. Sometimes, students struggle with how to finish the writing paper. The writing should be written in a simple and concise manner.  

How to tackle this issue?

It is necessary to write the assignment in a clear and concise manner. Don’t ever fall in the trap of writing the vague paper and extra words paper. It leaves a bad impression on the professor and you will end up getting poor scores. Try to avoid unnecessary statements, unnecessary quotes, inappropriate and unusual questions. Try to write short sentences in a simple language. Try to avoid using very tough and difficult vocabulary. The introduction should be very strong. Describe all the details in the introduction part. In the conclusion part, try to not add extra information. Asked a question from yourself while writing the conclusion, ‘“Having researched this topic, what have I decided?” Write the introduction part in the last, whenever you have done your writing the body and the conclusion then write the intro part. It will be easier for you to write the introduction in the last. Because you get to know all the points and details about the assignment help topic. Before submitting the paper to the professor, reread the paper again and check the question. So that you will become crystal clear about your writing.

4. Structure of the assignment

Most of the assignments asked of researching a topic, analyze all the themes and issues than make a conclusion with full of evidence and proved points. Because you have to persuade or convince the reader with your evidence then only you will be able to achieve good grades.

How to tackle this issue?

Start writing down your first impression of the question. You have to write about your first instinct of the question. For instance, the question asked by the teacher, ‘how to tackle the challenges while academic writing?’ then you need to start thinking about the challenges. If you know the challenges then only you can overcome these challenges. The next step is to use a variety of sources but sources should be credible and reliable. There are various structures for essays or assignment papers that you can refer to and take help from. Some students take help from reputable writing service providers. SourceEssay is the best service provider that can help you in all assignment help topics. This service provider has experts who know how to write your paper coherently and logically. The structure of the paper should be logical. One statement follows the other. They will be happy to offer you proper guidance.

The conclusion

It is a very challenging task that you have to complete your assignments on time and with proper citation. Students get confused while writing their assignments because they don’t know the various referencing styles and patterns of citations. Every university asks different styles of referencing. So make sure that you know all the types of refrying. Referencing can be APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago style, MHRA referencing for English literature, OSCOLA referencing, Oxford referencing, Vancouver referencing, and many others are present. Students need to well versed with all these. If you still in confusion then you can take help from assignment writers. These writers offer you instant assignment help on all topics and on all subjects. So stay connected with SourceEssay.

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