Inter Organisational Leadership

Leadership Strategies And Inter-Organizational Networks

Introduction The prospect of leadership in intra organisational networks has been addressed across various disciplines like the interpersonal network, intra organisational networks and multiple alliances. Strangely, the various disciplinary approach multiple aspects of this research topic and have multiple heterogeneous concepts to analyse the leadership related aspects and various kinds of network. Utilising the work

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Hobbies That Can Help Your Career

How Hobbies Help People With Their Careers?

Introduction There are a lot of spaces in this world where people have converted their favourite hobby into their careers. There is a counter-intuitive proposition that if he wants to establish ourselves at work then we should also have a time outside of it. It implies that we should maintain appropriate work life balance. However

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Decision Support System

An Overview Of Decision Support System

Introduction To succeed in today’s competitive business era, companies require an information system that helps them with diverse information and better decision making. Decision support systems are computer-based information system providing interactive information and decision-making capabilities to managers and business professional Since companies are moving towards the e-business models, they are investing ample buck in

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Sensory Issues

Coping Strategies For Sensory Issues

Introduction In this article the primary objective of the researcher is to explore the disorder experience in sensory processing by people which are also referred to as the sensory integration and sensory sensitivity. The researcher will also put in great effort to understand how these issues can be reduced and treated and the strategies for

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Impact Of Humor

Impact Of Humor In Advertising

Introduction Humor is used in advertisements for grabbing attention of the audience. Humor introduces the fun element in the advertisement. It helps in creating a source for laughter. Laughter is an ultimate sensational perception among the people which helps them to feel good about a product. This is the reason why laughter created because of

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