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Establishment of communication protocol is essential for successful business propaganda. In business protocol helps in promoting successful and significant exchange of data and developing relationship with partners and primary stakeholders. The business communication protocol is a component framework of some professional rules in accompaniment with a code of conduct which is used for guiding business related to behaviour and the business-related etiquette. The objective of this research is anticipating the purpose of using different communication protocol and understanding their importance towards achieving business objectives.Any protocol is a standard of some ground rules which enables the staff members in a company to communicate properly with each other maintaining business etiquette. These ground rules all significant details like what kind of data is to be transmitted followed by who will command in a message and who will receive data and how the process of data transfer will be accomplished (Chen,2017). This protocol is like a spoken language in business which ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the mode of communication in business. Unwritten set of rules in business are popular in every individual business culture or a specific organisation pertaining to that culture. Therefore it deserves mention that this set of rules should also be observed by all the parties in conduct of business. This infrastructure of ground rules in communication to transmit information by means of variation in physical quantity. Business protocol is a very critical component in developing relationships within an organisation and between multiple organisations. In this case can be defined as a proper format of conduct. It is important to note that the importance of the process of conduct is unprecedented (Cristina, Karam and Andreea, 2017). There are different kind of protocols required between various country and various business relations. In a business, element of business etiquette is undoubtedly important, however the elements under cultural orientation, cultural value and professionalism should also be taken into account.


Business protocol should be defined as a very critical aspect of forming relationship within an organisation and within companies. Protocol can be structured as a proper contact procedure. There are various protocol necessary to be established between various country and similar care has to be taken all the times in business. This leads to development of a positive image of the organisation and employees in the organisation in the eyes of external stakeholders. It is important to follow the business etiquette on many occasions to be hold a strong positive image of the organisation in the eyes of the internal stakeholders as well.


Various organisations can drastically impact the level of aggregates. In this regard is examination of the way in which the colleagues in a company treat each other and the extent to which formality is maintained in the organisation. Any organisation might have a very formal or informal kind of environment. In a informal environment employees might be allowed to joke with each other. However if a client is present in the office and overhears playful joke out of context then he might develop a negative idea about the working culture of the company. This is where etiquette comes into play. Many assignment help solutions in Oman experts said, This is the reason why different organisations and different business cultures have various set of values and behavioral protocol to be demonstrated while in presence of the client (Hrehová and Bednár, 2017). It also incorporates the way in which organisation should appear and presents document and reports either to internal or to external stakeholders. There should be a proper etiquette of behaving with seniors in the organisation as well.


Attire is considered as one of the most preliminary elements to be noticed during a meeting or during a visit to office. Some organisations do not have the protocol for formal attire. Employees in such organisations can visit office premises wearing jeans and t-shirts. On the contrary majority of the officers now it is used as business casual as their attire and formal attire for a certain level of hierarchy. This requires button down shirt for men and women with dress pant or skirts. Men are asked to wear tie and suit and sport coats on many occasions (Malyuga, Maksimova and Ivanova, 2019).


Communication protocol in a organisation can be ascertained easily, by referring to the front desk employees. Reception is might offer to develop formal and positive greeting mobile saying a simple hello can be a standard greeting of another office. The office is constituted with different policies regarding how the employees should behave with each other and how they should communicate during incoming call and incoming visitors. Communication protocol can include weather employees will be available to take calls outside their normal office timing. Frequent occurrence is that in a busy city it is very common to see people stuck on their phones before 8 a.m. And even well after 6 p.m (Adamczyk, 2017).


The product during business meeting has undergone great changes in the last 10 or 12 years. Currently a large number of meetings are organised using internet software along with the video for enabling global capability is. This enables the employees to get a scope of working from home on one hand. On the other hand when they are indulging themselves in the meeting they have their scope of being less formal than that would have been required if they were physically present during that meeting (Furxhi, 2021). Research Paper in Oman experts stated, Employees can conceivably get away working from home where they have a chance of being involved in meeting and needs to be less formal. They can get away wearing pyjama pants during formal meetings as well if they are working from the convenience of their home. Some business of specific protocols for ensuring that the meeting run a particular way and have specific kind of professional standard.

There are multiple communication protocol which renders multiple advantages towards business activities.

Verbal Communication Protocol

Business communication takes place verbally in many occasions. Verbal communication can take place in hallway communication, meeting of shareholders, company events, phone call and interview sessions, press conference and multiple other events. In any of these events the indulging stakeholders are associated with exchange of verbal comment. However in order to implement a successful verbal communication it is important to use appropriate statements. The kind of conversation which might be appropriate in a hallway conversation would not be appropriate in a verbal communication during a board meeting. In fact personal statements regarding family and hobbies can be accepted during verbal communication in a lunch meeting with a co-worker (Mukherjee and Ramos-Salazar, 2014). In order to develop authentic and productive network such kind of conversation is important. Again, sharing of inmate stories during press conference might usurp authority of spokesperson delegation.

Written Communication Protocol

Written communication protocol include elements like formal newsletter mostly. However report and informal memo can also be included in this category. Writing this document required as appropriate a ticket in appropriate business setting. Business etiquette is important in communication as it has the capability of differentiating structure on the basis of the size of audience or the culture of audience are the place and purpose of setup. University assignment help in Salalah experts said, The same ideal should be followed in case of written messages as that of verbal communication etiquette where each message will be edited to fit the tone of the audience who is perceiving the message (Martin and Chaney, 2012).

Protocol Of Verbal Communication

Informal verbal communication in multiple business setting, can supplement the official channels, save great amount of time working on the projects and also enhance the productivity of business. The method of formal communication delivered as a presentation format can work favorably towards reinforcement of ethics and culture in the company. This is the reason why that chief operating officer as a manager or the executive representatives should indulge in verbal communications which are informal as well as formal in their setting and purpose. Firstly, the language has a critical role to play in determining the communication protocol in business. Considerate and courteous language is preferred. This is because kindness in interaction can help in winning argument and avoid disagreement. Secondly, proper communication protocol of verbal communication is important in order to reflect the value and standards of the organisation (Okoro, 2012).

Personal view of individuals might not be in complete agreement with the organisational directive. However, the employee should always support corporate mission. Another important element of discussion in this regard is whether the discussion is reflecting positive characteristics regarding the attitude of employees towards positive corporate culture or not. In this regard the communication protocol should eliminate gossip and a reduced negative comment to the extent possible. Negative commenting, according to Fox (2011), can significantly hamper the impression about company policies to external stakeholders. Finally, it deserves mention that any message incorporates beneficial truth. The confidential information which might be true also might be appropriate for any individual in the company. Therefore, beneficial truth should be conveyed in messages as and when required.

Protocol For Written Communication

The objectives of written communication protocol in organisations is informing, collaborating and pursuing stakeholders. Before drafting any kind of literally collateral written document it is important to follow some ground rules which are obviously with a purpose. After establishment of the purpose it is important to establish what specific protocol guidelines should accompany individual written communication processes in business. In the first place it is important to understand whether all contents are incorporated within a single idea. Multiple topics incorporated within a single document can confuse readers. Therefore, on one hand it is significance to incorporate and imbibe as many critical ideas into one document and on the other hand it is also important to delegate ideas in such a way that they do not overpower each other and diminish the importance in the eyes of the reader (Limaye and Victor, 1991). Secondly, proofreading the language and inherently making it free from any colloquial and familiar word is very important.

Especially, some researchers essay writing Service in Oman tutors have spoken in favour of making language free from slang. It is not feasible to expect the author to use and understand industrial jargon. This is because use of jargon might be beneficial in making the reader understand the technicality of some term and purpose of some message however, the kind of business impression it would create is confusing. Again, the objective of a brief, properly formatted and engaging message is undoubted. In this regard it deserves mention that incorporating these qualities in a message makes it feasible and attractive to The reader. This element is observed to a great extent in the business culture of the Japanese and the British. Their messages are very much in syntax and they spend a significant amount of time in properly formatting and meeting the message brief with assimilation of as much significant information and opinion in a message with as less words as possible. People in this business culture emphasizes strongly on professional appearance of the message (BAIEVA and OLIINYK, 2021).

However easiness of reading is an element which should never be disregarded. The last element of communication protocol in case of written communication is whether all necessary fact and details have been properly presented. Excessive focus on formatting and syntax in a message can make the sender leave out important and crucial details which can intern leave the reader confusing. This is because they will be confused in reading the message without the presence of a specific chunk of information or opinion on account of which the entire message might lose its significance. For evidence in a message to the leader of the labour Union regarding the labour unrest if the sender emphasizes too much on the company ethical values and guidelines of labour responsibility and without focusing directly on the area of why confusion is generated, it would create zero impact on the mind of the union leader.

Importance Of International Business Protocol

In any business domain, the way in which individuals carry themselves and break their first impression is very important. However business etiquette on and international level is the something more than and attending a business lunch and attending a session in business discussing matters with delegates in a cafeteria.

Standing Out

In most occasions of business meeting it is important to stand when an individual is being introduced to someone. It is our common knowledge that the same needs to be done. In case if someone is seated it comes across to be rude as a first impression if you are not interested in the presentation. Having said that some cultures also think it is very critical to attend hand shake at that spot. In some cultures the prodigy of handshake is represented by a bow down. In addition to that, it can be articulated that in countries like Japan there is an exclusive culture of exchanging warm regards irrespective of the importance of the business meeting (Martin and Chaney,2012). This business culture always run on the basis of sustainability and in consideration with sustainable business culture, change of warm regards is very important.Dissertation writing help in Nizwa based researchers have derived, Any crucial business deal will lose its importance if exchange of reverence and amicable gifts is not done at the first chance of sight.

Being Mindful About Gifts

Gift giving is acceptable in some Nations however it is considered as bribing and avoided at all costs in other nations. In countries like UK and USA, this kind of ulcer is considered to be an ethical however recently there is a concept of ethical gift giving. The UK bribery act considered as random giving and accepting of gifts punishable according to law. On the contrary in countries like China and Japan exchange of business gifts is very ordinary however there are specific rules for accepting gift. An example can be provided in this regard. Any Chinese business person will generally tend to refuse the gift three times before they accept the same.

Preparation Of Proper Introduction

During correct execution it is important to formulate proper introduction for transforming entire opinion of individuals of the company and also the respective person. In case if the individual is participating in a business trip, going abroad, it is important to make proper introduction to inform other people of who the person is and for what purpose the visit is being undertaken. This can be done on most occasions in the form of an elevator pitch (Okoro, 2012). Therefore in the end it can be articulated that it is very important to maintain some decorum of communication protocol in case of international exchange. It can be presentation or introduction for exchange of gift or maintaining proper verbal and written etiquette.


In conclusion it can be highlighted that data communication etiquette is very important for achieving success in business. The kind of a ticket differs from one culture to another and from one organisation to other. The importance of etiquette becomes a spectacular when the exchange is taking place across two organisation or between multiple business units of the same organisation operating in multiple cultures and different countries. This research study has discussed the importance of small tokens of communication protocol like elementary exchange of the pattern of introduction or sending elevator pitch. It can be demonstrated in proper detail that importance of is unprecedented. It is absolutely imperative to maintain proper decorum of exchange in organisation during communication.

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