Role Of CSR Strategies In Corporate Brand Building



CSR can be emphatically considered as a network comprising of various policy which is then shared by the respective companies for increasing the efficiency level of their operations or increasing the standard of their societal involvement. CSR regulations within a company are essential in achieving a standard of brand equity in the corresponding target market of the company. Therefore, it is a complementary rule of organisations to follow this network properly (Hur, Kim and Woo, 2014). It is needed for any company to follow ethical principles associated with work. Therefore, in context with the above argument, this research study is important for justification of the way business and ethics are associated in contradictory positions although holding an eminent and critical spot in creating business value towards the stakeholders in a specific company.

Therefore, in order to establish business ethics, this research study will focus on how it is has been located in various organisation and will use multiple ethical theories to understand the impact of business ethics on organisational success. Many organisations have exhibited significant role to demonstrate better business ethics and in some other instances, the gap in business ethics have also been observed. The specific factors which be considered in the context of this research study are the role played by CSR activities in branding (Makasi, Govender and Munyoro, 2014). Ethics is a very critical aspect of CSR. CSR activities help an organisation in achieving reputation among stakeholders. In this regard, multiple CSR theories will be exploited in course of this research study.

Many specific organisational examples will also be undertaken for study on the basis of which the researcher will culminate a detailed study. In addition, with multiple demonstrations of the role played by CSR activities in brand development in corporate domain the research study will highlight how effective organisations like Google or Ford have played a critical role in achieving this objective (, 2021). In this regard, the corporate brand development activities will be analysed in their order of importance and the consequences role played by CSR activities in regard to brand development will be analysed with greater impetus.

Role of CSR In Corporate Brand Building

CSR responsibilities has a significant role to play in enabling small as well as large organisations to enact positive changes. Majority of organisations select doing whatever they think to be right not only for their threshold operations but also because of financial benefit alongside development of trust within the mind of consumers these are generally referred to as corporate social responsibility. It is evident according to the research conducted by a large number of researchers that customers prefer purchasing products or services from brands which are socially responsible. Greater the responsibility of the organisation towards their external stakeholders or preferably community stakeholders more supportive will be the customer community and stronger will be the customer base of the company (Alexanderet al., 2014). Therefore, assignment help solutions in Oman predicted it accounts for increasing the trust of customers.

Facilitation of social change is brought about by means of successful corporate social responsibility undertaken by organisations. In spite of the fact that there are significant number of companies doing whatever is possible for them there are still some big global companies which has went out exceptionally to generate outcome which might impact major global issues like saving large number of community stakeholders from hunger and generating health awareness and better health conditions. In many cases organisations have generated active reactions to create a great impact against global warming.

For evidence it has already been stated that corporate social responsibility might take different forms. In fact, smallest organisations can create big social changes by making simple donations. There are many small companies which made regarding donations to food banks for eradication of poverty level of people living below threshold line of economy in small cities. In spite of the fact on the basis of a basic summarisation it can be highlighted that reducing carbon footprint as well as improvement of labour policies and participating in global fair trading are some of the very important and prominent examples of corporate social responsibilities (Cowan and Guzman, 2018). However, corporate social responsibility also includes charitable donation for it by volunteering in communities and developing corporate policies which will bring about great benefit to the overall environment. Nevertheless, organisations are recently conducting operations in favour of socially as well as environmentally conscious investment making in the long run.

Demand For More Corporate Social Responsibility Among The Millennials

This is a very evident demand among the millennial target segment of organisations. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the priority of this group of customers as the millennials comprise of the biggest and most stable and loyal customer segment and if not the most significant customer segment for majority of the brands in almost all categories. For millennials generation and the generation Z the organisations which are socially responsible are more important compared to successful brand names. There is a perception that organisations should invest in improvement of the social outlook and find remedy for assisting in social improvement process. In other words, organisations should share the way they try making positive impact towards community stakeholders so that their approach towards social image can be perceived by the public as well. Essay Writing in Oman professional said, Majority of the front-line organisations are capable of creating greater affinity of consumption for their products.The showcasing of CSR outcome is really important for targeting millennials because these kinds of effort help in moderating their choices as customers in favor of respective companies. Millennials also have a great interest in participating in various initiatives like conducting direct or indirect volunteering for making donations towards charitable efforts of various organisations (Carufel, 2018). Therefore, if the front line companies having strong brand appeal and initiates any charitable effort it is likely to be joined by a great and significant number of millennial populations. Gradually more and more organisations are perceiving they they are able to create an impact, socially as well as environmentally, through conscious efforts. However, on one hand this is helping them to understand how to create more impactfull corporate social responsibilities and on the other hand it is leading to better brand equity and more loyal brand statement proposition from their end as well as from the end of the target customers.

Changing Of Customer Social Responsibility Trends

Activism by millennials as well as other generations might also impact changing trend as a part of corporate social responsibility. It is expected that companies would be taking the right stand in favour of public in case of incidents like harassment on job and discrimination in the workplace. In this regard global initiatives in the form of #metoo movement are a pertinent example. Workplace diversity encompasses activities related with including people from multiple rays and various genders and different cultures including people having disabilities and even different sexual orientations into the workplace. Organisations nowadays need to find their own way of portraying equity and equitable social justice and accordingly bring policy changes so that the discriminatory factors can be an isolated from the corporate domain (, 2021). In fact, many organisations have given serious approach to preserve privacy which became significant corporate social responsibility trend. Recent activities of more and more data breach incidents which is threatening personal information has created the necessity of this kind of CSR activities.

Example of beneficial role of corporate social branding

One of the biggest examples in this regard is the Johnson and Johnson company which is considered to be a giant player in CSR activities. The organisation has been conducting heavy research as a part of the research and development activity for the last 30 years to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. On one hand, Online Assignment help Oman experts have said, the organisation has been able to leverage wind energy for harnessing campaigns like providing water to communities throughout the globe. Alongside, the purchase of private energy suppliers in Texas region enabled Johnson and Johnson to reduce pollution level while focusing on provision of renewable as well as economical alternative to electricity (Shapiro, 2017). In fact, from a pure community perspective the organisation is still conducting their research for renewable energy options with objective of generating at least 35% of energy needs from alternative sources. Other globally popular brands like Coca-Cola have also taken great part in corporate social responsibilities. For evidence, the massive fleet of delivery trucks of coca cola generated about 3.7 million metric tons equivalent greenhouse gas output. This is the reason why it became necessary of the organisation to reduce their carbon footprint with great extent which could be achieved by bringing about change in the supply chain network of the company. In this regard the organisation created initiative for incorporating alternative fuel-based trucks which are accounted for deduction of their carbon footprint by 25% which has been very recently achieved in the year 2020.

Two very popular organisations of the OTT platform, digital content and entertainment support namely, Netflix and Spotify have also put forward exceptional examples of corporate social responsibility. These organisations have been extending hands of support to employees and their families. For evidence, Netflix is a company offering 52 weeks of paid leave for maternity and paternity purposes. The good and flexible aspect about this opportunity provided by the organisation is set unlike other organisations they provide the flexibility to the parents so that they can take this leave any time they find it critical whether it is during the birth year of the child or anytime they find it best. Spotify has a similar program.Nevertheless, the duration of leave in their case is of 24 weeks of paid period, however with the option of extending it beyond that time period if required ( 2016). Another name that has been very much accountable to best outcomes from corporate social responsibility is that of Pfizer. The company popularized the name of corporate citizenship which is an emblem for their CSR initiatives. University assignment help in Oman believed that The critical aspect about CSR activities conducted by the company is that they consider it to be a core activity of business. Throughout the world organisations drive initiatives for increasing awareness for the non-infectious diseases alongside provision of health care facilities for women and children and especially. The organisation targets those population where there is no other alternative for providing support and the care would not be given to the needy if they do not interfere. There are other large number of pertinent companies which not have such significant brand names. For evidence Wells Fargo is a fairly reputable brand donating about 1.5 % of revenue to the charitable causes every year. The donated amount increased to 290 million US dollars in 2017 (, 2021). They play very significant in donating money to various small sources so that social benefits can be achieved at a great skill. They donate money to almost 15000 non-profit organisations by largely popular philanthropic activities like food bank creation and incubators for increasing speed, to market for their start-ups. In fact employees of the company also a play a crucial part of the activity where two days of paid leave are offered to employees for volunteering and giving charity of their choice to people.

The objective of the organisation is donating one pair of shoes for every other pair of shoes that is sold by them. So far, the organisation has accounted for 60 million pairs of shoes shared to children only in case of need. Again, the profit gained by them is used for assistance provision to the visually impaired people by providing them with free prescription for glasses as well as medical treatments. Other than that, small initiatives like provision of safe drinking water to the very required areas and helping in start-up and entrepreneurship business development for job creation are among them. The advocating culture for prevention of bullying in workplace is another critical initiative undertaken by the company. Corporate social initiatives undertaken by other popular brands like general electric have also been popular. General electric developed the Ecomagination which is the renewable business strategy with the objective of increasing effort on clean technology and generating 20 million US dollars’ worth revenue from the utilisation of only green products (, 2015). During the tenure of this kind of business operation, the organisation was able to manufacture the evolution series tier 4 locomotive with capability of reducing emission over 70% and launching digital wind farm with capability of boosting the energy production rate of their wind farm by about 20% (Stagl, 2016).

In the end the CSR initiatives of global coffee brand Starbucks is worth mentioning. With the special focus on hiring process, the organisation is trying to diversify workforce around with provision of opportunities for specific cohorts. The organisation has the objective that by the end of the year 2025, 25,000 veterans will be able to be incorporated within their workers family. In fact, the organisation is also trying to hire younger people with the focus of helping in jumpstarting of carriers by providing their first job so that they can develop a better CV.

International Organisations That Have Benefited From CSR Or Have Faced The Adverse From Negligence Of The Duty


Google is a trusted partner in organising  corporate social responsibility and it is not only because of the environmentally friendly initiatives undertaken by the company. Nevertheless, the company is also considered to be a global player of corporate social responsibilities because of their outspoken role undertaken by the CEO of Sundar Pichai. He stood up against social issues in operating the anti-muslimism comments of President Donald Trump. Alongside, Google also earned ROI based on highest CSR score, mostly because of the use of their data centre which utilizes 50% lesser energy in comparison to others in the whole world (Sverdlik, 2020). This organisation has also committed to use over 1 billion US dollars’ worth renewable energy projects and enable other organisations reduce their intrinsic environmental impact by means of services like Gmail.


Ford motor company has planned to diminish the emission of greenhouse gases and the Eco boost engine developed by the company will help to a great extent in achieving this objective of fuel efficiency. The organisation has also planned the introduction of 40 specific electrified vehicles which will be either electric or hybrid vehicles, by the end of the year 2022 by the dint of investing about 11 billion US dollars. According to Ford,

“We are all in on this and we are taking mainstream vehicles of ours which are our most iconic vehicles and trying to electrify.” As stated by the company, if we wish to be successful with the objective of electrification, we need to do that with vehicles which has been already popular. In fact, because of the patronage of Ford company the dealerships of Ford in America depend on wind sail as well as Solar PV system for powering their locations and reducing the electricity usage.


Boeing is one of the few companies which has committed deliver commercial airplanes which are ready to fly on the basis of 100% sustainable fuel. The organisation is determining this kind of ambitious objectives for advancement of sustainability in commercial aviation with their commitment that commercial planes will be capable and certified to fly using hundred percent of sustainable aviation fuel by the end of the year 2030. In fact, in order to achieve allrounder sustainability the organisation has appointed their first chief sustainability officer, which is a new position. Nevertheless, the organisation is already recognised for their sustainability leadership. The company wants to win top price for recycling 100% carbon fibre waste generated by them (, 2021). Assignment Help experts defined The National Association Of Manufacturers Leadership Council consider Boeing to be the sustainability hero of the year 2020 and the first organisation developing a market for the recycle carbon fibre and diverting 1 million pounds worth of carbon fibre into this regard.

Kylie Cosmetics

It is not one of the mainstream global MNC corporations. Nevertheless, it is globally reputed in terms of the CSR activities. Kylie cosmetics has gained reputation of conducting CSR activities in the most relevant instances for the community stakeholders. For example, the organisation recently donated about 1 million worth US dollars for helping in supply of protective wear to the healthcare professionals who were associated with fighting coronavirus in various health centres. In fact, recently the organisation used great wealth in promoting social distancing and promoting the concept of “staying-inside” and practicing self-Quarantine ( 2021). Moreover, child welfare is another area where Kylie cosmetics is donating generously. For evidence, in charity organisations like “Smile Train” the organisation created an annual quota of donation.

Theories Of CSR


The CSS theory of utilitarianism is to be undertaken during crisis situations. The approaches undertaken by an organisation on the basis of this theory helps in determining the stakeholders who would occupy oxidative positions in the organisation on the basis of their capability of encompassing and utilising the scope of overall welfare of the internal and external community in the company. In this relation it can be clearly specified that large number of organisations discussed above have played a great role in serving community stakeholders by using the concept of utilitarianism. Organisations which synthesize on operating profit and increases cost cutting for staying ahead of market competition and ignore small aspects like providing training to employees or ensuring the job security or caring less about customer safety cannot become an ethical business firm in the eyes of millennial population as discussed above (Guzman, 2016). In contrast there are other organisations which are stressing much more on providing discounts and increasing availability of products and services and demanding reasonable prices in order to support consumerism. This is a primary aspect of utilitarianism and this is how the organisations following utilitarianism conduct CSR activities on the basis of utilitarianism.


Deontological theory highlights that irrespective of the nature of outcome all individual needs to be served equally and provided with due respect, organisations nowadays are forced to work in accordance with Deontology. In case of some companies there are professional duties of higher representatives towards frontline members. However,it is perceived that there is no proper synchronisation in the kind of attitude and communication across hierarchies. Many organisations are trying to benefit consumers in the apparent level by giving discount and other liabilities for shopping. However, they are compromising in terms of sustainability of products or services. Deontology is strictly against this kind of ethics in business (Guzman, 2016). Deontology refers to the fact that it is important to provide all-round fairness. This theory highlights that if the labours are provided with the excessive pressure of performance under circumstances which will be able to generate high cost-effective productivity then the same will not be accounted as the corporate social responsibility towards consumers as a part of the ontology. This is because not all stakeholder groups will therefore be compensated and it will be against the ethics of the specific ontology. This is the reason why on one hand, if organisations are inclining towards helping customers achieve the greatest benefits, they should also provide their employees with training and development as well as the stability of job positions to ensure that they are also getting the benefit of corporate responsibility of the company.

Virtue Ethics 

According to essay writerVirtue ethics is a very significant corporate social responsibility-based approach for handling issues related with establishment of public relations. It is essential for developing ideologies which might help in development of public relations of organisations,for example, proper public relations have to be developed by all organisation. In this regard it deserves to be mentioned, that organisations should do a great deal keeping in mind the interest of consumers apart from focusing on providing them with the best viable product. This include providing discounts and easily available options and ensuring all round convenience for shopping of customers and so on ( 2021).

Social Contract Theory 

This theory argues that any group or individual accountable for catering to community requirement should always establish the social contract with them. The same is applicable in case of organisations. For evidence, in ensuring safety of the passengers in aircraft there should be some primary criteria in regardsto flight services. For instance, during an occasion Boeing ignored the same fact and provided greater priority to profit making as well as cost-cutting leading to two consecutive plane crashes killing many (Neidleman, 2012).

Rawl’s Theory Of Justice 

Directive principles for this theory are two in number. Firstly, the theory vouches in favour of equal rights to be provided to individual people in connection with the most extensive as well as basic liberty compatible with the kind of Liberty that others are enjoying. In the next place this social inequality-based theory demonstrates that social inequality should encompass social and economic inequality all of which should be replicated to the greatest possible extent by the organisation (Rawls, 2020). For evidence, in case of equality in approach, it should be ensured that all employees are getting equal training and development opportunities for sharpening their natural and cognitively acquired skills.


In conclusion it can be demonstrated that consecutive efforts of corporate social responsibility and demonstration of ethical behaviour is a great part of organisational success in modern days. This is because business environment is being highly scrutinized and evaluated by community stakeholders and the most targeted consumer segment in all industries. Casual business approach and disregarding corporate social responsibility has been accountable for downfall of large number of successful companies. Therefore, it is important that organisations take up a CSR executive role in their operations not only for the namesake but to indulge into real time well-being of all round stakeholder groups. The highlighted theories of social ethics or corporate social responsibility can be helpful in any organisation at any time to achieve better objective in corporate social responsibility outcome. On one hand it not only ensures customer loyalty but also enhances the brand equity which helps in developing better brand listing and develops the share price index.


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