Future of Education : What To Expect And How To Adjust


The Pandemic has changed the face of education. Reports suggest that 1.2 billion children approximately are on the risk of dropping. This has resulted in a distinctive rise in online education all across the world. According to research online learning is proving to be more effective, fast, and has been increasing retention of information. This means the changes that have taken place in the field of learning due to the effects of the pandemic are drastically taking over the traditional methods of learning. In this article, we are going to discuss the future of education. What can we expect and how are we supposed to adjust to the sudden change. 

The below image shows the results of a recent survey done by UNESCO as on 3rd of August 2020 (Burzynska, et.al 2020)


Looking at the above-mentioned figures and percentage it can be clearly said that 60% of students all across the world have been greatly affected due to the sudden closure of educational institutions. 

Below mentioned is the list of changes that are expected to stay forever soon in the field of education.

  • Traditional Learning Will Be Replaced With Collaborative Learning 

Previously students were instructed to sit patiently in their classrooms but online learning has started introducing collaborative learning to the generation next. It is a strong mixture of virtual, argumentative, and mixed realities which makes learning interactive and interesting. Virtual reality helps to increase visual and technological literacy. This is an anticipated change that is going to transform the traditional classrooms into technologically sound high-end learning centers (Agarwal and A. 2019).

  • Educational Institutions Are Shifting Away From BYOD

Previously education institutions followed the BYOD norm. i.e, Bring your device policy.

Students were instructed to carry their own devices. But not anymore with the advancement in learning technologies universities and colleges are being funded by federal bodies to equip themselves with all the necessary types of equipment required to teach students.

To ensure students from all financial backgrounds receive equal opportunities to learn. With the help of grants and donations classrooms have been outfitted with laptops, IPADS, and other necessary pieces of equipment required for student learning. Students don’t need to go to a technological lab to access these devices it is being provided to them in the classroom itself. 

  • E-Learning Has Effectively Redesigned The Classrooms Which Is Most Likely Going To Persist- 

Unlike traditional classrooms where all the desks are placed pointing towards the front of the class online learning has lead to smart desks. Smart boards have replaced chalkboards and students are sent to virtual trips instead of being taught merely from the text. Through online education, students are taught to create media. Therefore it can be said that virtual media not just help students learn from visual media but also teach them how to use it to achieve specific goals.

The university campuses are shifting from formal to informal learning spaces to ensure students remain proactive during their lessons and can easily come up with ideas and clear their doubts without any hesitation. They have started recognizing the importance of collaborating and creating and thus have started providing students with 24/7 assistance. OmanEssay provides online assignment help with the help of professional assignment writers who assist students with their assignments through 24/7 customer support. It is not very easy to get accustomed to the new classrooms. However, the more time students spend with this modern equipment they get familiar with using these pieces of equipment and it saves their time. Therefore students are required to spend more time exploring this modern-day learning equipment.

  • Online Education Has Introduced AI In Higher Education-

Artificial Intelligence has already proven to be useful for students. With its help virtual student advisory service has been developed which is available round the clock. It saves time for the actual advisors to concentrate on issues that require their immediate attention.

AI is a concept that is unfamiliar to students. To know and understand the way AI functions and reap the maximum benefits students should enroll themselves in these services. It not only improves their learning but also helps them understand how AI contributes to making their learning process effective. Further, it also tells students what all can be achieved through it. Students can also get in touch with professional experts through online essay help from OmanEssay. There is a team of experts who provide expert guidance to students through a strong customer support team. They stay connected with students 24/7 and provide them expert guidance.

  • Online Education Has Introduced Personalized Learning- 

Every student has their own pace of learning. Online education has introduced personalized learning to academic students. This is proving to be beneficial for students who are slow learners. With the help of E-Learning, education methods can be molded according to the students’ requirements. It is no more restricted to sessions.

 Students can go through multiple revisions till they have cleared all their doubts they can also customize the time of learning according to their requirements. It further enables students to resume the session from where they left. Students undergoing E-learning should make a schedule to make the most of the time and act accordingly.

  • Gaming Has Been Converted To An Instructional Tool-  

With the help of E-Learning, education institutions have been successful in using gaming as an instructional tool to make learning fun for children. Gaming Technology is used to simplify difficult concepts and make them interactive. This is why students take more interest in learning. Virtual games are also used to develop analytical skills like problem-solving skills in students. It helps students face real-time problems and get to the solution. The best part about this technology is that it provides immediate feedback to students as a result it helps students retain their interest in the subject and remain motivated. 

These technologies require constant IT support to run effectively. This is why classrooms are redesigning and equipping them to provide effective learning to students. It is best if students start exposing themselves to the latest technologies to get accustomed to new technologies. 

In the below-mentioned image, the projected growth rate in the field of Online Education has been shown from the year 2019 to 2025 as per a survey report from UNESCO. The amount earned through online education in the year 2019 was US $18.66 Billion which is projected to reach up to the US $350 Billion by the year 2025. (Huang, et.al,2020)

Survey Report by UNESCO


To conclude it can be said that online education has changed the face of education and brought in changes in the learning methods that are going to stay in the years to come. It has redesigned the classrooms and replaced chalkboards with smart boards and benches by smart desks and has also improved the analytical skills in students. Both the students and teachers are moving away from traditional learning and adapting new methods of learning. 


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