Tips To Write An Introduction For Philosophy Paper


“Plato” was a great philosopher, according to him, a good philosophy paper should never be started with a general opening statement. Students often face difficulties in writing a good philosophy paper because of the obvious fact that philosophical writing is very different from any other subject. It requires a lot of hard work, practice, and knowledge to draft a quality philosophy research paper. The most important key to successful philosophical writing is constructing the introduction in a way that hooks the reader to the paper.

In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to write a philosophy paper?

A typical philosophy paper does not fall under the category of a report, or exercise, nor does it present the results of experiments and tests or personal feelings for that matter. It generally establishes a particular point with the help of justifications which is commonly called ‘reasoned defense’ of a research or thesis paper. 

Key Points To Remember When Writing An Introduction For Philosophy Paper

  • State The Main Point In A Single Sentence -A student writing an introduction to a philosophy paper should be able to state what he intends to show in exact terms. Having a rough idea about what a student wants to show will not help a student express himself correctly when writing the paper. Therefore the student should be able to prove in one sentence what they are trying to prove to construct a strong introduction.
  • Use Rational Persuasion To Convince Readers -The most common mistake that students make while writing a philosophy paper is to think there is not much requirement to establish arguments to prove a point because they agree to the point. To write an introduction that appeals to the readers, students should use rational persuasion. They should think that their target audience is intelligent, knowledgeable of the field, and disagree to the point they are establishing. This thought will in-turn help them include relevant arguments in the paper that will convince their readers. (Montell and G. 2003)

The second mistake that most students make is to think that they produce a strong philosophy paper they should support every point with supporting arguments. This approach is commonly called the ‘fortress approach’. Students should keep in mind that this approach does not work in the case of philosophy papers because of three primary reasons. First, it becomes difficult for readers to keep track of all the arguments approaching the subject of the research using different dimensions. Second, there are chances that the worst arguments come into the limelight therefore students should make sure they focus on the most important arguments and limit them to one or two. And, third, too many arguments will narrower the field of research. To have wider sphere students should give a direction to their research making it focus oriented.

  • Analyze The Paper Using Critical Thinking Skills Before You Put Your Thoughts On The Paper– A student should always keep in mind that the reader does not have access to your thoughts. He visualizes the paper by reading and analyzing what is written on it. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the writer to think critically and analyze every aspect and then start writing to display a clear picture of his or her thoughts on the paper for the reader to perceive.
  • Students Should Write A Brief Introduction And Hit Straight To The Point– Unlike other subjects that involve an overview of the importance of the subject an introduction to a philosophy paper should be short, precise and straight to the point. There is no requirement to state the importance of the subject.
  • Minimum Use Of Quotation- Students is generally given to assesssomeone else’s views in a philosophy paper. Therefore the focus of the person assessing a student’s research paper will be on the student’s views. To write a strong paper a student should give weightage to their views rather than emphasizing quotations and paraphrasing. However, in case of absolute necessity students should use short direct quotations as supporting evidence. Long quotations should be avoided.
  • Take A Clear Stand Based On The Evaluation– Students should ensure that the paper is not inconclusive. It should not state several positions concluding them by saying that the student is not qualified to draw a specific conclusion or state that different philosophers have a different opinion on the stated topic and hence it is not possible to come to any specific conclusion. Students should take a clear stand based on self-evaluation. If the points are correctly stated with adequate supporting evidence it is most likely going to convince the readers of the student’s point of view.
  • Use Appropriate Words– Based on the outline students should make sure they use the right words when writing the paper’s introduction. Students should make sure they use connecting words like hence, since and follows in the right places to ascertain the readers of their points and they should also keep an eye on the use of prepositions. Students who do not have a hold on the language also make sure they are using the right words at the right place or else they can also take the help of professional essay writers from OmanEssay.  They assist students in constructing a strong introduction for their philosophy paper to influence their readers.
  • Use The Proper Citation To Avoid Plagiarism–  In case a student decides to use quotations in the introduction it is very important for the student to cite the quotation properly and give credit to avoid plagiarism. Students should make sure the paper should be unique and non-plagiarized.
  • Write The Paper Anticipating The Objections-  As stated earlier in this article it is important for students to anticipate objections when writing the research paper. It is best if the students suppose they are writing the paper for a skeptic reader who disagrees with them. This will help them build a strong paper.
  • There Should Be No Short Cut To Editing– To make sure the research paper is flawless and has an introduction that is appealing and engaging students should mandatorily proofread their research paper and edit it as and where necessary. After writing the entire paper they should make it a point to go through the introduction multiple times to check if it goes well with the paper. They have a free will to change the entire introduction and redraft it to their convenience in case they feel the introduction is not going well with the introduction.

There are various skills required in a student to excel in a philosophy paper. Some of the most important skills are subject specializations in mathematics and science, active learning, active listening, speaking, writing, reading comprehension, the judgment of decision making, management of material resources, time management, etc. 

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018)

Above mentioned are the necessary skills required in a student to write a philosophy paper from the latest survey report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018) Students can now avail assignment help from OmanEssay if they find difficulties in writing an introduction for a philosophy paper. 


Therefore it can be said that writing an introduction to a philosophy paper is difficult because it requires several skills in students to write the paper for example- speaking, writing, reading comprehension, persuasion, time management, etc. The key to writing a strong introduction is to keep the introduction short, and precise. Students should use rational persuasion while drafting the introduction and should keep the use of paraphrasing and quotations to the minimum focusing on their point of view. However, students who find difficulties in writing a philosophy paper can always seek online essay help from OmanEssay. They have a team of experts who write exceptional philosophy papers for students keeping the university guidelines in mind. They make sure students are able to impress their readers with a strong introduction and high-quality research papers. 


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